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Abstract Thoughts on Media

Makeup #1
Makeup #2
Self Portrait
Abstract Nude
Arco Iris

Petroglyph Series

The queen of a fantastic realm; her thoughts

Were combinations of disjointed things;
And forms impalpable and unperceived
Of others' sight familiar were to hers.
And this the world calls phrensy; but the wise
Have a far deeper madness, and the glance
Of melancholy is a fearful gift;
What is it but the telescope of truth?
Which strips the distance of its fantasies,
And brings life near in utter nakedness,
Making the cold reality too real!
-       Lord Byron, The Dream

The set of paintings above is based loosely on the observation of my own reflection viewed through a lens of phrensied energy. Evoked intentionally, a phrensy may lead to a spiritual or creative enlightenment but can just as easily descend into nightmare. This work is very much about the physical reality of the paint itself; about the colors and the texture. But the message beyond the material is more complicated still. These paintings are about reflections and water, about acrid vibrancy and staring eyes. They are about tears and womanhood and about a place where dreams and reality meet.


Contour Women

As a strong advocate for women empowerment throughout all aspects of my life, it is no wonder that much of my work tends toward this theme. I am well aware of the complications surrounding the subject of feminism and, in this work, attempt only to explore the controversies rather than provide solid answers.



In these portraits, I sought to capture the alive energy of the figure through mark making and color in an exercise of observation.


This large scale piece was painted for 3 Guys BBQ restaurant in Hanover, NH. Can you see the train?

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